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Exposed Bone Staff

Scum Hellebore




Scum Hellebore is an editor and writer that graduated from Southern Utah University’s creative writing BA program in 2022. They were the editor-in-chief of SUU’s literary journal, Kolob Canyon Review, where they have had their writing published. Scum has read for Thanatos Review and Hearth & Coffin, and they completed internships with both Sugarhouse Review and The Word Slayers.

Outside of the literary sphere, Scum plays the drums, collects Funko Pop! and LEGO, and shops small wherever they can. They wear exclusively black clothing, usually a band or horror t-shirt and ripped jeans, and will also have a new tattoo, piercing, or hairstyle any time you see them.

Vices: Pieces that evoke physical reactions in the reader with their descriptions, give voice to the underrepresented, play with form, have a new take on old tropes, inspire dread in their settings, have unreliability in their narrators, and have twists readers never expected. Works like that of Clive Barker, Koji Suzuki, Syliva Moreno-Garcia, Stephen Graham Jones, Shirley Jackson, and Paul Tremblay.

Shauri Cherie




Self-described as reluctantly poetic, Shauri finds inspiration in mundane experiences and the ephemeral moments of sublimity. She is also a collector of dusty vinyl and shiny rocks. Find her work in Sink Hollow, The Southern Quill, and Kolob Canyon Review  via her website.

She is extremely averse to her natural hair color and happily bleaches and dyes it whenever she needs a pick-me-up. Upon absolutely no one's request, she will gladly discuss anime and whatever movie or tv show has currently consumed her attention.

Vices: Shauri is an avid reader of pieces focusing on the inside-outside binary, sonder, and sublimity of travel narratives; queerness, especially a-spec perspectives; horror, parody, and a heavy mix of the two; the mundane turned extraordinary and personal; and humor in its darkest, lightest, and most subversive forms. Strong imagery, reader subversion, and voice are some of her most valued aspects of creative writing. Work akin to those of Cameron Awkward-Rich, Michael McLane, and Joann Beard are more than welcomed.

DJ Wilson

Graphic Designer

DJ (He/Him) is a college senior majoring in graphic design. He is especially interested in publication design and branding, and he loves the creative process and seeing ideas come to life. DJ often listens to music, takes naps, or watches TV in his (non-existent) free time.


Sami Wilson

Graphic Designer

Sami Wilson (She/Her) is a graphic designer with a degree from Southern Utah University. Sami lives and breathes all things design but is specifically interested in alternative printing processes and grunge. When she’s not designing or working her 8-5 corporate sellout job, Sami can be found listening to music—crafting weirdly specific playlists for every emotion she’s ever felt—or attending concerts, especially if they are at the back of a thrift store.


Aubrey Bodine 


She/They. Call me doodle daddy.

Exposed Bone is published in part with aid by Cedar City Arts Council.

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