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Unholy Fate

Hayden Coombs

In my soul deep, where sorrow’s tendrils creep,
a fleeting heartbeat leaves me in despair,
an innocent child, forever asleep,
a cruel reminder that life’s not fair.

Within the womb, a universe took form,
while our family tree began to bloom,
unholy fate made misery the norm,
and left me stranded in an endless gloom.

No rhyme or reason can this loss explain,
no solace found in nature’s cold embrace,
in emptiness, I’m left to bear the pain,
an unfillable void, this empty space.

Optimistic dreams now lie torn apart,
in this abyss, I grieve with shattered heart.

Dr. Hayden Coombs is a sports management and communication professor at Southern Utah University. While he now spends his days playing basketball with his kids, he was once a tortured English undergrad. His favorite writer is Fernando Pessoa, who he discovered while living in Portugal.

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