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In Every Stroke Laid Down

Paul atten Ash

Took a snow pill in the Rothko Chapel

        as you fell


                        a train in Gdańsk.

Minutes tick in reverse,

                                paint wicks


                                the canvas,




        en masse.

Every shade of meaning

        each inarticulated feeling

                caught in a game of


Blackbirds fly backwards,

                                white shit



        your limbs

        twitch to life


        the tracks.

Cut to sweet ellipsis—these words melting,

        swallowed down,

                frozen pieces

                        of winters past.

Opaque sun through rafters,

                                the light


                                catches us,

        in every stroke

        laid down,

        a shade

        of black.

Paul atten Ash is the pen name of Worcester-born poet Paul Nash, who lives in Bristol, United Kingdom. As a lens-based artist (Saatchi Art) his work has been published by Deep Adaptation Forum, Oscillations (Blackford Hill), and Where The Meadows Reside Issue 1.1.

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